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US Taxes and Regulations of US Citizens Living Abroad

If you’re a US citizen living abroad, taxes are still something to consider, even if it might think that you have escaped away from it. You are still obligated to file a US federal tax return even when you take up residence in a new country or have a dual Citizenship. We will be happy to help you at US TAX GLOBAL SERVICE LLC or if you might have any questions.


Do American Citizens Living Abroad Have to Pay Taxes?

Not necessarily, It depends on your total income for the year. The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, is a tax benefit that allows you to exclude a specific amount of individual foreign-earned income each year & (Up to $108,700 USD for 2021) from US taxation, or (Up to $217,400 USD for 2021) if filing joint. As it shows below of each year.

However there is no Double Taxation on Foreign Income of American living abroad full-time who may qualify as a resident in other local tax systems.

What Happens If you are a US Citizens Living Abroad & Did not File Your Taxes?

US citizens who don’t file US taxes while living abroad may face penalties, interest costs, or even criminal charges, it is not a joke. The IRS charges penalties for both late filing and late payments. If your lack of filing is willful–meaning you knowingly avoided your US tax requirements while living abroad–more serious legal consequences may apply.

However; the IRS does offer a way for Americans abroad to get caught up penalty-free if they didn’t know they needed to file US taxes while living overseas. Regardless of how many years you’ve missed, the Streamlined Filing Procedures only requires you to file the past three years of Federal tax returns and the past six years of FBARs, making it an easier, less expensive way to become compliant.

Have Specific Questions Related to Your US Expat Tax Return?

We can help! US TAX GLOBAL SERVICE LLC, As a US Tax Services In SAUDI & an IRS Authorized Tax preparer we are specific expert in US expat tax to help U.S. citizens living abroad. Taxes and regulations can be complicated, but we can help navigate federal tax returns in a way that makes sense for each individual situation.

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